Manish Chugh

Manish Chugh

Being one of the oldest employees at Smartshore Manish is a passionate Senior Application Engineer and Software Architect. He has over eight years of programming experience in PHP with different frameworks. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Symfony2. He has worked on a variety of projects developing large scale complex web applications, with custom made email solutions and social media integration.

Smartshore is providing him the right environment in which he can sharpen his skill set and develop new ones as well. Given such an environment makes Manish excel. He easily adopts unfamiliar frameworks or technologies and enjoys taking on new challenges. By following the S.O.L.I.D principals his code is ready for expansion over time when business requirements adapt to market demands.

During his time off Manish has interest in: Exploring technologies, blogging, web browsing, playing Cricket, watching cartoons and listening music.

Competencies: Git, Symfony2, CodeIgniter, PHP, Wordpress, MySql, JQuery, LINUX, Facebook API, NodeJs, Twitter Bootstap