Web applications

We are specialized in building complex web applications. You can think of community sites, web shops, payment gateways or entire back-end systems. Custom made applications are our specialty.


Quality first

Quality is our main priority. Our team in the Netherlands has a lot of experience with software development. From designing the right software architecture to translating specifications. Programming is done in India and quality is monitored from The Netherlands. We do this with a transparent approach. Code quality is monitored by third parties and we can work test-driven (TDD) if required.

Portability and scalability

Your web application must be perfect. Now, but most of all in the future. That’s why it is so important that you select the right technology. A technology that can be scaled, so that you can quickly respond to the demand for additional capacity and new features can be added when needed. In addition, standardization is important so that other teams can work on your project as well. This puts you in full control of your software. We implements techniques and methods which ensure scalability and extensibility.

We use proven open source frameworks like Symfony2, Codeigniter and Magento, we implement unit tests and we work according to the SCRUM method. We also have a .NET team that works in ASP.Net MVC3 and MVC4, WindowAzure and Sharepoint.You can read more here about the tools that we use.