Security testing

Is your application safe for hackers and data leaks? Let us perform a penetration test and make you aware of the risks before hackers are.

Think as a hacker

A hacker always behaves unexpectedly. That's why it is important to execute a penetration test with creativity and by real people. Therefore we don't merely test with automated tools, but also search for security vulnerabilities that are caused by your unique business logic.

With our own back-office in India, we can execute penetration tests with large teams. This increases the chance that we will find vulnerabilities. Making our penetration test a good reflection of what can be expected in the real online world.

Team pentest

  • Team of 10-20 experts
  • Full control of the execution
  • Possible to base on OWASP of OSSTMM
  • Good price/performance
  • Elaborate report and advice

Crowd sourced pentest

  • Team of 500+ experts
  • Only pay for results
  • Real-life online test
  • Elaborate report and advice

This penetration test is executed by Smartshore personnel. The test can be fully controlled and specific attention is given to vulnerabilities that are caused by the business logic which is specific to your application.


Because of the large scale and the diversity of security experts, this test is a realistic representation of the real online world. Smartshore is responsible for sourcing of the experts, coordination of the test, reporting and advising on improvements.