Looking for ways to quickly strengthen your team? We have highly skilled developers available that can complement your team on short notice.

Employees at Smartshore are trained by ourselves in the latest quality requirements. In addition, they have knowledge and experience with our client's culture and working methods. If we are familiar with your technology, our programmers can integrate directly into your team. But it is also possible to train developers for your specific technology.


You can communicate directly, face-to-face, with our people in India. Every workplace has a high-speed internet connection and web-cam. You can also use our tools to manage the process, such as project management software and version control. In addition, we’ve adapted the working hours in India to European office hours. Thereby, our employees are available for online meetings whenever that suits you. If you want more tips on how to integrate a remote team in your current process, our specialists in the Netherlands will be happy to advise you.

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