Partner for technical development

Dexterweb is a specialist in design. For years the agency makes beautiful websites with user friendly interfaces. Dexterweb is and expert  in all that has to do with online design – from the creation of corporate identities to designing mobile sites.


At Dexterweb they want to do what they are good at: designing. For technical development Dexterweb has a partnership with Smartshore. This allows Dexterweb to focus on its core competence.

Pleasant co-operation. Thinking along with our customers. Always developers available. That's Smartshore for us. Lennard Kruseman / Dexterweb


Smartshore takes care of the technical development of the products designed by Dexterweb. That means that the web development agency works closely with Smartshore on a daily basis. Dexterweb provides the front-end online design and Smartshore the technical development at the back-end.

All under the same roof

Dexterweb purchases a fixed number of hours per month at Smartshore at a sharp rate. The Agency may fill in these hours as it wishes. Whether they are in need a CMS system, Magento webshop or require a .NET programmer. They are not tied to a time limit: Dexterweb can hire Smartshore programmers flexibly, from single hours to full months.

Respond to market demands

Dexterweb is in need of a programmer? Then this is readily available. This also applies if there are more people needed for a longer period of time. Smartshore works without a long quotation process. In addition, the software developer has its own offshore team. So if there is a demand, Dexterweb can communicate directly with an expert in India. 


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Cost reduction and focus

Through this partnership Dexterweb does not have to worry about the technology behind its products. Employees have all the time to do what they excel in: creating beautiful online concepts. In addition Dexterweb does not need expensive technical specialists. Which results in a significant cost reduction.