Live insights to trades done by a stock broker


Coming live from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange analysts from Marktgevoel daily publish articles with their views on the most interesting opportunities in the market. But this is not all; they actively trade based upon their given advice. Members of the service can follow transactions live and receive automatic updates by SMS and e-mail as soon as Marktgevoel makes changes to a position.

Smartshore developed the new website, including a connection for real-time retrieval of portfolio updates, maintaining transactions and members maintenance.

Members maintenance

Specifically for Marktgevoel, Smartshore enhanched the default Magento CRM module. With these changes Marktgevoel is able to get better insights into products ordered by customers and the remaining time left on their membership.


For the design of the site a custom-made responsive template is created. The whole site can be accessed without any problems on a mobile device. The design was provided by Dexterweb.

Real-time prices

SSmartshore developed a Magento admin module, which is used to maintain transaction in the system. As soon as a transaction is added members receive an SMS through Messagebird and an e-mail through Mailchimp.

To give members insights in transactions that are done for the various portfolios a connection is created with Lynx, the Marktgevoel broker. Members have real-time insights into the current portfolio positions and their prices, and historic results are updated automatically upon closing a trade. In line with the Marktgevoel philosophy, transparent trading and put your money where your mouth is.


Marktgevoel was using a heavily modified and extensive Joomla installation for adding articles, products and member administration. All users have successfully migrated to Magento, without loosing their passwords. As well as all memberships are migrated to the new system.

Smartshore finally provided a seamless transition to a new host. By optimizing the server specifically for Magento, the loading time of the site shortened with 50% compared to the old server. With this solution Marktgevoel is ready for the next growth step.

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