How to migrate Joomla users passwords to Magento

In a development process user data migration is very complex from one running platform to a new platform.  When you migrate Joomla users to Magento, one of the issues you will face are the encrypted passwords. Joomla uses a different hashing / encryption algorithm to store passwords than Magento does. Simply copying the Joomla hashed password to Magento will result in unusable passwords. Our extension solves this by extending the Magento hashing methods with Joomla hashing algorithms.


  • Easy to install
  • Your users don't need to reset any passwords
  • Compatible with all Joomla hashing algorithms


  • Support for Joomla encrypted passwords
  • Support for old MD5 passwords
  • Support for MD5 salted passwords

How to implement


  1. Install this module in Magento. Extract the zip file and copy the files into your Magento folders.
  2. Export Joomla encrypted user records using your own preferred solution.
  3. Import Joomla users to Magento by using Magento default export/import option. You can follow the below path to Import users: Admin -> System -> Import/Export -> Import -> Import customers

Important: Our module will only migrate the user and his/her password. Possible related user data is not migrated by this module.

I hope you’ll find this module useful If you are using Joomla for your project and want your new Magento project with same users.


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